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Expensive Robot

I draw the sketchbook, Ai writes the blog. AI says:

“In a psychological experiment, a group of subjects was faced with a task of putting together a 10-piece puzzle. In the room were two tables, each with its own set of five puzzles. In one table were puzzles that at first glance seemed to be easier to solve and in the other one, there were puzzles which looked more difficult. The subjects notice right away that the second table seemed more tempting.

The puzzle in this situation is actually a metaphor for modern life in which we are constantly under pressure to choose between doing what’s easy or doing what’s hard when it comes to our careers, our relationships and even our lifestyles. Sometimes we may find ourselves experiencing an overwhelming feeling of powerlessness when it comes to making these decisions because we can see no way forward or find it.”

Below is the sketchbook I did (not the ai):

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